The Stone Mountain Park An Atlanta Area Attraction

By Eric Mabo

The Stone Mountain Park got its name from the Stone Mountain, which is a granite stone rock. The Stone Mountain is located in the suburbs of Atlanta. The height of the mountain is about 513m. Most people believe that the Stone Mountain is the largest granite stone in the world. But, when you compare the Stone Mountain with the El Capitan in Yosemite, you will discover that it is just one fourth the height of the El Capitan Mountain in Yosemite, which is the tallest granite stone on earth.

The Stone Mountain is about 8km, if you want to go round. To reach the top of the mountain easily, use the sky ride. On the top of the mountain, you may find pools of water formed from the gathering of rainwater. At certain periods of the year the visibility of the Stone Mountain is limited because of fog which covers the whole place. There are some tiny Shrimp in the pools of water on the mountain. The tiny shrimp usually dies when the pools of water dries off and you can only find but their eggs, which are to survive when it rains again.

The Georgia State owns the Stone Mountain Park, which is managed by an association called the Stone Mountain Memorial Association. The operation of the park and the different attractions is been done by a corporation called the “Herschend Family Entertainment.

In 1996, some of the summer Olympic events took place in the stone mountain park, some of the events where table tennis and long tennis , Archer, and cycling just to name a few. There is also a museum which operates near the Stone Mountain memorial association (SMMA), called the Confederate Hall, whose objective is to educate visitors on how the Stone Mountain is. That is the ecology and geology. They also educate their visitor on the history of Georgia. Fishing, Picnic site camping etc. are some of the offers provided to visitors.


There are some commercial operators who offer attractions which may include:

1) The scenic railroad, which surrounds the entire mountain and facilitates the movement round the mountain.

2) The sky ride is cable-car which carries people to the top of the mountain.

3) The riverboat which is found in the Stone Mountain Lake.

4) The Antebellum Plantation and Farmyard are buildings which were built around the 1790 and 1845.

5) There is also a broadcast tower, which is found on the top of the mountain and transmits signals to two stations. That is the WGTV Channel 8 and Weatheradio Station.

It will be very good for all the inhabitants of Atlanta and visitors to really visit the Stone Mountain Park, for there are many things that you are going to learn there and even see.

This park remains one of the most important attractions in the Metro Atlanta area. Thousands of people visit the park everyday with their families and friends. Kids especially love the park, because of the many activities designed specifically for them. There’s always some occasion going on at the park. You may want to check their website at, before you visit Atlanta, to put the park on your list of places to visit.

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