Taking Steroids

Taking steroids is common, especiallyamong athletes and sportspersons. Steroids are known to trigger bodybuilding or androgenic effects just as it is used to heal variousillnesses. Steroids can also be taken orally or injectedintramuscularly. This can be either synthetic or natural. Those whouse steroidssupplements need to know it is important tohave a healthy sleep schedule and a good diet that is rich incalories, carbohydrates and proteins. In fact, those who takesteroids must have a minimal intake of 4,000 calories each day so asto gain muscle.

Takingsteroidsis mostly for performance enhancementin sports and athletics. Even though many critics label it asunethical, this has not deterred players or athletes fromtaking steroids and benefiting from it. In addition, steroidscatalyze speedy recovery as it can increase oxygen levels in theblood.

Taking Steroids: What Are the TypesAvailable?

Here are some popular types of steroidsthat are available:

  • Androgenic steroids: These arealso known as anabolic steroids. These are known to acceleratethe process of muscle growth through increased protein synthesis.

  • Estrogens and Progesterone: Theseare the female sexual hormones which are responsible for controllingthe female reproductive organs. Taking steroids in the form ofestrogen and progesterone is common as part of birth controlmeasures.

  • Cortico steroids: These steroidscontrol the functioning of vital organs like heart kidney andskeletal muscles. These are also replicates of cortisone hormones.

Be CautiousAbout Taking Steroids

Takingsteroidsmay lead to harmful effects in the longrun. That is why random intake of steroids is not recommended and issupposed to be avoided at any cost. In case it is required to takesteroids, opt for only prescribed steroids cycles and adhere to it.Studies indicate that steroids which are taken intra-muscularly havefewer side effects than steroids that are taken in any other form.However, it is important not to share needles as dangerous diseaseslike HIV and Hepatitis B can be contracted through shared needles.

Taking Steroids: Is the banjustifiable?

Many countrieslike the US, UK and Canada have classified anabolicsteroidsas controlled substances. Sportingbodies like International Olympic Committee, National BasketballAssociation, National Hockey League, the National Football League andthe European Athletic Association have followed suit and banned theuse of steroids.

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