Medical Dermatology In Chevy Chase, Md For Skin Care Needs


A person’s skin is the largest organ of the human body, and taking care of it is essential to overall health. Skin is exposed daily to the sun, chemicals, and pollutants that over time make it appear dull and tired. Some people may have experienced trauma in the body that has affected the skins appearance. Medical Dermatology in Chevy Chase MD is geared to help people find the right dermatologist to perform healing procedures to get the skin looking healthy and renewed.

Skin is a vast organ and has many layers that require the skill of a dermatologist to help when there is an issue. Many problems cannot be seen on the surface of the skin but lay beneath and only become apparent over time when they become visible on the outermost layer. Issues like skin cancer do not become a problem until a spot forms on the surface of the skin, only then does a person seek help in battling it. The truth is cancer had been developing underneath the outer layer long before the spot formed and a Medical Dermatology in Chevy Chase MD specialist will be needed. They can remove the cancerous cells and monitor other areas that could show a reoccurrence in the future. Any issue involving the skin should be seen to by a licensed dermatologist as they are highly trained in the latest techniques that can improve the overall health and vitality of a person’s skin.

One major method practiced by dermatologists is Intermittent Pulse Light (IPL) therapy, because of the broad range of medical skin issues it can help to combat and control. IPL therapy can be tailored to individuals based on their symptoms and the depth of the problem. Individual’s looking to take years off their appearance can also benefit from going to a licensed medical dermatologist as they are trained to use Botox and fillers, unlike regular medspas. Customers looking for licensed, qualified medical dermatologist, can go to Their office provides skin care therapies in a state of the art facility and has a caring staff to accommodate any patients needs. They perform procedures from skin cancer removal to anti-aging fillers. The dermatologist will work along with patients to help control other skin issues like rosacea and psoriasis to keep symptoms at a minimum. They believe in their clients being able to put to feel good about they way they look. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.