Get The Best Teeth Whitening Solutions For A Great Smile

Get the Best Teeth Whitening Solutions for a Great Smile


Andrew Goligher

A good smile inspires confidence. It gives you the courage to try new things, like walking up to that person you’ve been eyeing since day one at the office. The best teeth whitening methods can help you get that perfect smile and attain confidence. Teeth discoloration problems vary in intensity; and there are plenty of solutions for this problem. The major categories are (1) dentist-supervised treatment and (2) over the counter products.

In-chair treatment is the best teeth whitening option for those with intense discoloration problems. The results could last as long as 5, or even 10 years, depending on the method used. You also do not have to radically alter your lifestyle because of its lasting effect. With the exception of the first four to 8 weeks, you can eat and drink practically whatever you want. The methods under this category are chair-side bleaching, gel application with dentist supervision, setting dental crowns, veneers, and dental bonding.


These methods are all very effective in treating very dark stains. They are also recommended for people who need professional evaluation before the teeth whitening process. In dentist-supervised gel application, dental equipment is needed to apply light and make the process more effective. On the other hand, dental crowns, veneers and bonding are needed for people who need teeth restructuring before the whitening process. These are the best teeth whitening methods for people who want long-term results, but they can be very expensive. They can cost between $300 to a thousand.

Now, if you are on a somewhat tight budget, the best teeth whitening options are the products that can be used at home. These products can be effective, although they would require regular application for you to see the results. If you have darker stains, choose products with stronger formulas. These use-at-home products are whitening strips, whitening gels whitening trays and brush on toothpaste. Prices range from $5 to less than a hundred dollars.

Whitening strips are coated with a bleaching agent, usually hydrogen peroxide. You need to place these plastic strips on your teeth and wait for around half an hour. Another use-at-home product is the whitening gel. Apply some on your teeth and rinse of after a couple of minutes. You may also go for the whitening trays. These are denture-like products; only, they are filled with a bleaching agent and you need to wear them for a few hours. The cheapest option is using toothpaste with a whitening formula. Use it regularly to see the results.

Note that these methods would make your gums and teeth more sensitive, so go slow with cold sodas or hot coffee when undergoing treatment. However, your teeth and gums would return to normal soon. It is a small price to pay toward having a good set of teeth and looking good. There are a lot of ways options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Choose the best teeth whitening solution that would be ideal for your lifestyle, without breaking your budget.

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