Get A Whole New Smile With Dentures In Temecula

byAlma Abell

Whether you lost teeth in accidents or had them removed in a dentist’s office, the result rarely looks good. It can leave a gaping hole in your smile that makes you hesitant to talk to people or to try to be friendly. It can make you self-conscious in general. Depending on the particular teeth you have lost, you may even find that it is difficult to do things like eat and speak. If you want a chance to start over with a new set of teeth, and you need a relatively inexpensive option, you should explore the idea of getting dentures Temecula.


These are a much cheaper way to go than the alternative methods of replacing teeth. They can be easily removed, which means that they don’t rely on having parts implanted that can be used to bolt an artificial tooth into position. This lack of a need for oral surgery makes it both a lot safer to do and a lot less expensive. This safety difference can be significant for some people, since those who may have issues with surgical work can still benefit from dentures without having to have anyone cut into their gums.

They can give you a temporary set, even very shortly after the teeth have been removed. These are specifically designed to be worn during those months when the gums may be raw and sore, and can’t take a lot of pressure. Patients can keep them in place using adhesives as the shape of the gum changes during healing, and then switch to a more permanent set after things have become stable and there has been time for that set to be made. With modern technologies, you can get a very good fit that doesn’t require a lot of fussing, and it is also possible to get metal dentures that are supported by the remaining teeth if you still have some.

Deciding whether to get dentures Temecula is a very personal decision and depends on both your comfort level with changes in your appearance and your ability to financially explore a variety of options. If you’re uncertain of how well getting dentures in Temecula is likely to work out for you, it is something that you should discuss with a dentist to get a viewpoint that is specific to your situation.

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