Eight Tips In Preparing For Your Rhinoplasty

Submitted by: Dr Andrew Kim

Rhinoplasty is one delicate procedure that requires only the best skills of a surgeon if you don t want to end up looking operated. However aside from the aesthetic reasons to prepare adequately for a nose surgery, you should also do it to ensure your safety once you come off it. To do that, here are 8 tips to help you better prepare for your rhinoplasty procedure.

1. Looking for a good surgeon. Research well to find yourself a credible, highly skilled, board certified and reputable surgeon. Don t undermine the quality of service and your safety by choosing a doctor that has a shady reputation or is not that experienced to do it. You can even ask for before and after photos or referrals from previous from previous clients to make sure that he is what he advertises himself to be.

2. Meet with your surgeon. When you do this it is recommended that you bring a photo of the kind of nose you want done. By doing this, you give the doctor a real picture of what it is exactly that you like. It also allows him to assess better as to whether it would be appropriate for your face.


3. When it comes to the cost, you can prepare for it by inquiring for financing services which are widely available in most surgical clinics. You can also approach your insurance company and apply for coverage for your procedure. Although cosmetic surgeries are always excluded in insurance coverage, some companies would warrant it given a good explanation and medical reason.

4. Prepare your health for your upcoming surgery. This means that you should avoid smoking or alcohol for at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure. You also need to avoid aspirin or any other medications that has blood thinning effects to prevent any chance of bleeding profusely. If you have any cardiac, pulmonary or metabolic concerns like diabetes, take this up with your doctor so that he can make measures and tests to clear you for surgery.

5. Prepare your post-op medications ahead of time. Your cosmetic surgeon may already give you a prescription ahead of time, so have this filled up in the pharmacy. This will save you some trouble and more time for rest and recuperation. Make sure that they are arranged within reach in your bedroom and that they are also sorted according to the right timing and dosage.

6. Make sure that you have enough pillows. This is due to the reason that you have to elevate your head after surgery to reduce the swelling and decrease the chances for bruising; therefore you can have faster healing.

7. Since you will be under anesthesia, you have to prepare yourself hours before by not drinking or eating past 12 midnight. The reason for this is that anesthesia can lead to stomach upsets.

8. Arrange ahead of time to have someone assist you after the procedure. You may be able to walk but you may feel nauseated or disoriented right after the rhinoplasty procedure so it is safe to have someone drive you home, or even assist you at home for the first few hours.

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