Discover The Secrets Of How To Learn A British Accent Fast

Discover the secrets of how to learn a British accent- FAST


Michael E Andrews

A well known British dialect coach who has had great success with his methods of coaching Hollywood actors has written a special online course that helps anyone learn to speak with a perfect British accent in a short time.


The author, Michael E. Andrews, realized that many non British natives living in the UK and abroad have an intense desire to study the Standard British accent but that there is a shortage of modern and concise courses on the subject available.He says that most courses are completely outdated and that none of them teach the ‘real’modern Standard British accent. With his substantial knowledge in this field and years of coaching not only Hollywood stars, but also other people from all walks of life, he has been able to compile all of his highly sought after knowledge into a compact course, which he calls ‘How to learn the British Accent- fast: The MSBEA course (MSBEA being short for modern standard British English). He says that most courses available either lack in substance and insight or are either too basic or too complicated. Many programmes available on the subject are also only specifically written for actors. The author feels that those courses that do cater for non actors wishing to study the accent often do not bring results fast enough and require months or years of studying. Being a highly sought after dialect coach he has been in the position to pass on his special insider knowledge and never previously publicly released industry secrets, which are not normally accessible in this format. He has created an easy to study and yet comprehensive programme that can be understood by both professional actors and everyday people.

Michael E. Andrews

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Discover the secrets of how to learn a British accent- FAST