A Variety Of Art Supplies Will Enhance Creativity For Your Child And In Daycare Settings

Submitted by: Kris Starliper

All children have a wonderful sense of creativity. But no two children are alike. When allowed to color, children will come up with different pictures, different color schemes, different styles, etc. One cannot control this. And it shouldn t be controlled; all types of creativity should be encouraged. A daycare can do this best when they have properly prepared for any and all type of creative play by making certain to have many varied and fun supplies.

Creativity often manifests itself through arts and crafts. Many daycare centers have craft tables or activity tables as a base for this. One reason for this is that creative play usually makes a mess. By providing a special space for this experience the mess is not only contained, but helps the children understand that this mess is only okay when playing creatively. The best way to promote creativity is to have the right tools. Be sure to have plenty of the basics paper, pencils, pens, crayons, and markers anything to help them draw. It is good to have multiples of anything that gets used often. This will prevent arguments as well as provide a spare if someone breaks something (or wastes it or ruins it).


You can spend a lot of money on fun art supplies. Simply walk through any store and you will see many different things that can be turned into art supplies by imaginative staff and children. Yarn, pipe cleaners, glue, glitter, buttons, scraps of material, pompoms, sequins, and so much more. There are also fun machines and kits that can be done by older children. But you will have to be careful that anything you buy will not become a choking hazard (or make anyone sick), which can be accomplished through your careful observation. But don t think that you have to spend a lot of money to find good art supplies.

Something as simple as an egg carton can be a great holder for little supplies. Scraps from projects can be good facilitators for creativity. Paper, especially colored paper, is very inexpensive and can be all that s needed for a good time. Glitter is inexpensive and can put a little kid s excitement into overdrive, as it s so fun to play with. Be thrifty and take care of your supplies and they will last much longer.

Many daycares actually do crafts that are planned out as activities. Doing this, and of course making sure each child keeps up with the class, ensures success for all. Each child will go home having made something they are proud of. However, this can be a negative experience when a child wants to do his or her own project and is forced to conform. Because of this, the best way to do projects is to do a basic project and then allow each child to personalize it their own way. An example of this would be creating a Popsicle stick picture frame, then allowing the children to decorate it as they want.

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