Get Well From Knee Surgery Gifts

By Susan Willis

Do you know someone who is about to have knee surgery? If so, they will face additional recovery time at home, and both mobility and pain may be an issue. Why not get them a few get well from knee surgery gifts to help them with their daily routine? Below are several suggestions for the perfect gifts to help them recuperate.


Precooked casseroles, soups, or anything else that is easy to heat make great get well gifts. They can be frozen and then warmed later whenever the patient gets hungry.

Small packages of snack crackers, nuts, trail mix, fruit, and bottled water that can be left on the bedside table for easy reach are also handy.

Even better would be if you took food to them each day. That way, besides the meal, they have a daily visit and conversation with you to break up the boredom of being stuck at home.


Crutch accessories and more

Crutches are not known for their fashionable style. In fact, they can be downright ugly. Several companies make fun crutch covers in a variety of styles and colors for kids and adults.

Crutch totes, which are pouches that you can attach to the crutches, are also useful, because they have pockets for carrying keys, cell phones, or other items.

Walking with crutches often leads to soreness in the underarms. Soft, gel crutch pads make getting around on crutches a little more comfortable.

For cold climates, you can also find crutch spikes that attach to the foot of the crutch to prevent slipping when maneuvering on ice, slush, or snow. Some are retractable so they will not scratch floors when inside.

For a person who must travel while on crutches, buy a hitch that attaches their rolling luggage to one of their crutches. Backpacks can be uncomfortable and can cause a person to lose their balance, so these special hitches that allow the luggage to roll behind makes for a safer, more comfortable trip.

The old standbys

Of course, you can never go wrong with the more typical gift basket gifts. Magazines, books, word searches, and crossword puzzles can help the patient ward off boredom.

A collection of movies in their favorite genre also makes the time go by faster. For affordability, don’t forget your neighborhood library. Many allow you to check out DVDs as well as books.

Relaxation or meditation CDs are also a nice gift for someone who is healing. They come in a variety of sounds and instruments, from the sounds of nature to calming instrumentals.

If the recovering patient is a crafter, give gifts that they can work on while in bed. A quilter might like a variety of fabric squares and a small sewing kit. Cross stitch patterns are simple to work on while confined, or perhaps a drawing pad and pencils would be welcomed.

Others might like a puzzle they can work on a little each day or a jewelry making kit complete with beads, chains, and other decorations.

If you use your creativity, you can come up with a variety of gifts to help your favorite patient recover in comfort.

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